Database Web Hosting

Written by: Peter Todorov

The Database Web Hosting term usually describes a web hosting service, providing the ability to use databases and access them online.
Most web hosting companies offer database web hosting as a standard feature, but sometimes you’ll have to pay additional fee to be able to host a web database.

The most common types of database web hosting are:

Access database web hosting

Access database web hosting also referred to as "Access Hosting", "MS Access hosting", and "Access database hosting" is a hosting allowing to use MS Access as your web database.

Access database web hosting is offered on Windows web hosting plans only, as MS Access runs on MS Windows not UNIX/Linux.

MS Access is an entry-level database, which is perfect for small to medium websites that need a database backend. If you expect many concurrent users hitting your Access database, then you can upgrade to MS SQL database web hosting or to MySQL database web hosting.

MS SQL Server database web hosting

MS SQL Server database web hosting is a hosting utilizing MS SQL Server database.

MS SQL Server database web hosting is again offered on Windows web hosting plans only, so if you want UNIX/Linux hosting SQL Server database is not an option for you.

While MS Access is an entry-level database, MS SQL Server is a fully blown enterprise-level database, which can handle thousands of concurrent users and is perfect for use as a web hosting database for any website.

MySQL database web hosting

MySQL database web hosting is a hosting providing access to an online MySQL database.

In contrast with MS Access and MS SQL Server, MySQL runs on both Linux and Windows, so if you want MySQL database web hosting, you can use either operating system.

MySQL is an open source database, which stands in the middle between Access and SQL Server performance and features wise. Although MySQL database is not as scalable and fast as MS SQL Server, it can be used as web hosting database even for websites with huge number of visitors.

Learn SQL

Visit to learn SQL language clauses like SQL SELECT and SQL WHERE.

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