Web Hosting Reseller (To be, or not to be?)

Written by: Peter Todorov

Web hosting is a relatively new industry and as such, has gone through lots of changes last several years. It still remains very dynamic, as web hosting providers try to reach new unexplored markets and promote their services to larger audience.

One of the latest trends in the hosting industry is offering so called web hosting reseller accounts.

What is a Web Hosting Reseller?

Being a web hosting reseller is a low cost way of entering the hosting business and start offering web hosting services. Usually a hosting company offers reseller plans with predetermined amount of web space, data transfer and certain features, you can resell to your own customers. The hosting company that provides the reseller account puts 10s of reseller accounts on 1 server (some companies put 100s of accounts on 1 server), so you and your customers have to share the server resources. You as a reseller are responsible for the end-user support and the hosting company is responsible for the hardware maintenance and server administration.

Who can be a Web Hosting Reseller?

Anybody can be a hosting reseller, considering the low entry cost and the thus the minimal risk. Some professionals can offer web hosting as added-value service on top of their main services. For example a web designer can offer his clients all-in-one package (1 stop solution) Ė web design + web hosting. The same is valid for web developers/webmasters. Finally you can get a hosting reseller account and you can use it all by yourself (if you are webmaster with several websites for example), there is no need to resell the resources you get with your account to anyone.

The pros of being a Web Hosting Reseller

The cons of being a Web Hosting Reseller


If you are on tight budget and/or donít have an experience in the hosting business, but you still want to enter the web hosting industry, then getting a web hosting reseller account seems like your best option. If you have money to invest and/or you have some experience in the web hosting arena, then Iíll strongly advise to get a dedicated server directly.

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