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Written by Peter Todorov

Today is much easier to be online, than it was a couple of years ago. The web hosting has become more affordable and more and more people and businesses realize the benefits of having an online presence. You as a customer have a wide range of choices if you want to buy a web hosting . The question is how to choose a good web hosting company ?
There is no simple answer to this question, but Iíll try to answer it to the best of my abilities or at least to tell you what to look for.

Service, Service and Service again!

All web hosting companies offer web space and data transfer, so what differentiates them? What really set apart a web hosting company from the others is the level of service it offers. When choosing a web hosting company , try to find the answers of the following questions:

Hosting Account features - web space, data transfer and additional features.

It is important to know how much web space do you need for your website files (images, html pages, databases, scriptsÖ) and how much data transfer does your website need, in order to choose plan suiting your needs. This is not always easy if you have a brand new website and it hasnít seen any visitors yet. An average website uses less than 50MB of space and less than 1GB data transfer per month, so donít get too impressed by all the 100sGB "deals" you find on Internet. Again it all depends of the website, for example a personal website might need just 5MB of web space and 100MB data transfer per month, while a business directory website might need well over 1GB web space and 100sGB of data transfer. Donít be too concerned with the amount of data transfer and web space that you get if you are just starting out, just make sure your web hosting company will allow you to grow. Of course there are lots of other features that you might need depending on the website functionality you want. For example if you want dynamic database driven website youíll have to look for a hosting plan offering scripting support (ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, CGIÖ) and database support (MySQL, MS Access, MS SQL ServerÖ). If you plan of creating an e-commerce website then most likely you need a shopping cart software and SSL support. You might need a browser-based email to access your mail from any computer with Internet connection. Last but not the least important, test the server speed and make sure the web hosting company has a redundant Internet connection.

OK now, you have found the web hosting company offering the features you need (web space, data transfer, scripting languages, databases). The third answer you need to find is: How reliable this web hosting company is?


If you have found a web hosting company for your website, youíll want to make sure that it is reliable, well-run company. Most of the time itís not easy to say if a web hosting provider is trustworthy or not, until you have been with them for a while. Here are the questions, which answers can give you a general idea of the state of the company:

Money back guarantee

After you have found the answers of the question above, you might think that itís time to buy, but there is one last question deserving some attention. Does the web hosting company offer money back guarantee? OK you have seen many positive reviews, they offer great features at reasonable prices and you are ready to move your website to their servers. But is the web hosting company confident enough that youíll be a satisfied customer and are you convinced that this is the right hosting provider for you? The answer is Money back guarantee! If they offer it, then they sincerely believe in full customer satisfaction! If not, my advice is to stay away from them. The standard in the hosting industry is to offer 30 day money back guarantee.

If you follow the simple steps above, you will save yourself time, frustration and money! Good Luck!

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